Dare to Matter

The work that sports turf managers do matters, and how they show up to do
that work matters. But to do it well, it requires that they engage in a relentless
and unapologetic pursuit of significance. Though external circumstances play
a role, the single biggest factor in determining the scope of their success is…
To strategically move ahead, we first need to reevaluate the foundation on
which we stand. Decisions that affect our current and future situation can’t
be based on feeling but, rather, on our identity. It requires that we spend
our time not focused on what should or should not be but, instead, on what
is and what can be. It begs us to let go of the past in order to create a better
tomorrow. Ultimately, it yearns for us to remember what exists at the core of
every individual and organization is a deep desire to know with certainty that
who we are and what we do matters. How we matter may have changed. That
we matter has not. It’s time for us to Matter More.

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