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Breakout II Session II

Breakout II Session II

Technology – Site Infrastructure AnalysisUtilizing experience from surveying, data collection, site reconnaissanceand analysis, civil engineering, and construction methods in combinationwith modernized survey equipment, robotic closed-circuit television (CCTV)equipment, ground-penetrating radar (GPR), aerial and terrestrial LiDARscanners, infrared optics, and line tracing equipment.

Breakout II Session I

Field Management – Restoring Performance: Getting at the ROOT of theProblem The application of biological substances, microorganisms, and plant growthenhancers has increased throughout the turfgrass industry over the pastdecade. This presentation will examine the impact of these products alone andin combination with cultural practices for the increase of turfgrass rooting andfield performance.

Breakout I Session II

Field Management – Tractors 101A sports field tractor can be one of the most versitile pieces of equipmentat the sports field managers arsenal. Join us as we dicuss the ins, outs, andversitily of a sports field tractor. Learn the ins and outs of tractors and otherequipment