“Conference Comes to You”

NC/SC STMA Members,

We are excited to provide you with world class education this year as we partner with the Carolinas GCSA.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to register for seminars.

Seminars begin November 2nd and run through December 18th from 1-3 pm EST. No classes the week of Thanksgiving.

This is an ONLINE ONLY registration process.


Go to www.conferencecomestoyou.org. Registration opened on 9/25/20 at 10 AM EST.
Once you select a seminar, click “TAKE THIS SEMINAR”. This will take you to the cart. If you choose to take more than one seminar, click on the blue bar “BACK TO CALENDAR”.
Once you have chosen all your seminars, click “Proceed to Check-Out”.
Enter NC/SCSTMA in the discount/partner chapter code to get your member discount. Without this code classes WILL NOT discount to $40.
It is VERY IMPORTANT that you enter NC/SC STMA under the Chapter Membership dropdown.
Add your PESTICIDE LICENSE if applicable. There is room for up to 3 license numbers.
Add your credit card information and click “PLACE ORDER”.
You will receive 2 emails with a confirmation with your username and a receipt. You may log back in with your username or email with the password you created. If you forget your password, you may reset.
You will receive reminder emails that may include important materials from your instructor in advance of your seminar.
On the day of your seminar, log into your seminar (from your account or reminder email) from a computer/laptop/mobile device that has a webcam.

Your member discount code is: NC/SCSTMA

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