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Breakout IV Session I

Field Management – Pesticide UpdateIntroduction to Pest Problems observed in 2023. Updated information on newproducts and policies for pest management tools for sports fields. Discusssuccesful strategies for Poa management in 2024 and discuss strategies forother pest problems associated with athletic fields. Pesticide Credit Available Pending State Approval

Breakout III Session II

Inescapable Insects Pesticide Maintaining healthy turfgrass from an integrated pest management perspective when dealing with pressure from insect pests. Specific management options for some of our common insects like fire ants, grubs, army worms, and more.

Breakout III Session I

Have you prepared your staff for Success or Failure You believe your new employee will bring great value to your team. Are you on the same page? This presentation will assist with helping you understand yourself and your hires, as well as how to create a winning team together

General Session II

Field Management – Warm Session Weed Control Developing an effective weed control program is a skillthat is becoming increasingly important for sports fieldmanagers. An effective weed control program allowsturfgrass managers to maintain weed-free turf (or asclosely possible) of optimal quality from January –December. Effective programs not only make use ofdifferent herbicide technologies varying in mode …